This is one hell of a Journey ! Even without including L Perry's  personal and private life it still is. LP was adopted by her parents quite late in life ! She probably came out of the womb singing and dancing ! But did what any child could do once started school, and played a few instruments the cornet another very large brass instrument, of course the recorder at that time . She absolutely loved to dance and went to the Paris school of  dancing for ballet. There was absolutely no one around her in her family or anyone who knew anything about dancing singing, or anything to do with these creative and performing arts. she earned her bronze silver medals in ballet. All her BAGA badges in gymnastics, but just sung at any opportunity  she could ,regards singing, she sung in her music lessons, and could read and write music at this point, but it didn't stay with her ,but the tunes in her head did. She continued singing to neighbours the school choir, church choir, and to anyone would listen, she was truly in her element !  Her parents helped in any way they could but came from a humble back ground, and from a very different and Older generation. As L Perry reached  leaving school age she still had the dream in her heart, and started to knock on doors but with little funds or way of earning those, and without some kind of record deal, luck or break it felt out of reach.  She continued to go for auditions, sing at weddings etc. L Perry had now successfully gone through to an Audition on one of  the  last recorded my kind of people TV talent show, which she was called back to be filmed for in the UK. L Perry auditioned for a producer in Ash, not far from her home town to record an old cover called raggerty doll. It was a long way from the type of music L Perry wrote Things had now changed for L Perry in her personal life. And she moved up to Norfolk and written and recorded songs with her then partner .Her partner was an incredibly talented bass player and was part of another group , the singer in the group was a vocalist called Mark They were always out gigging in pubs or in band practise with other projects. L Perry then recorded with her partners home recording set up, songs called No Matter How I try, which it felt kind of apt , and another Track called never let my dream escape me now .we had Nigel who had year's previously drummed for Toyah Wilcox drumming on the project Unfortunately L Perry,s life was about to take a huge change and upheaval personally and moved backed to her home Town. She told  me what had changed, but will leave that for a book sometime in the future , after telling me what had started to change,and the impact this had , she still continued to chase her dream 
amongst all the personal chao's. You can tell that no matter what this was not going to stop her achieving what she had always aspired to. This must of really took some doing at this point. I already knew some of it, but this Girl really has something incredibly soft and beautiful about her, but some incredible strength underneath. She had now met a wanna be producer who asked L Perry if she would be interested in signing a producer management contract and work with him and also use her work to pass his producer degree at Kingston University . Sure enough L Perry's recordings meant he passed with honours, and also the highest pass you could achieve. As Time passed L Perry had laid down many tracks but felt the productions them self were too tinny, and were far from how they should really sound, but would of still stayed loyal and honoured her contract had her partnership not become so unworkable. I'm not naming my producer then out of respect but can say a huge amount of cannabis was consumed and was unreasonable to the point L Perry had to part ways but remained under contract for some time to come, and couldn't move forward till her ex producer finally met and agreed to release her from the contract. It was kind of sad as he had apologised for wasting her time, for the stress involved and offered to compensate her for the time wasted,  and unfortunately had now been diagnosed with suffering with paranoid schizophrenia. L Perry understood he was ill and was just happy to be able to move forward with her music. 


L Perry
Wind Out My Sail - L Perry
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L Perry
L Perry
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