April 19th 2019  Maroon 5 release VOLUME 2 of the 'Girls Like You' video. Watch a new cut of the video, they have been nominated for International Album Of The Year at the Juno Awards! Watch Maroon 5's performance on the Super Bowl here


March 29th 2019  Ella Mai, her new track "Shot Clock" is playing everywhere on the radio airwaves, she reminds you of the days when Brandy was hot, kind of a similiar approach to the smooth R&B musical style, and she is delivering it very well to her target market.  Review By Wilfredo Rodriguez


March 29th 2019  Halsey, her single "Without Me" has already 158,427,586 views on you tube, the lyric's for this single hits home with almost everyone on this world, but especially those that are having a hard time with relationships, which is basically everyone anyways, for her to come out with a track like this, meaning, the songwriting, is just a high musical creativity mind and a high songwriting "IQ" Review By Theresa Fisher


March 29th 2019  These two cats remind me of when

"Babyface" was happening back in the day, another superb display of songwriting ability, and vocal ability to make the lady's stop and listen, we all know what women like the most, and that is being reconized for what they do on a daily basis, this track is still pretty new to the world, but it'll be around for a long time. 

Review By Theresa Fisher


March 29th 2019  It does not matter what part of the world your from, music is all about feeling and emotion, if you Incorporate that into your delivery, the vocals from begining to end will be on lock, Mariami  definitely has that in her songs, it is way harder to try to keep emotion and feeling in tracks that have 120 and above BPMs then a music production track that has a much slower BPM like within the range of 68 to 98 BPM, Mariami seems to be pulling this off nicely, check out her new album 6 songs and hear for yourself, you won't be disappointed., 

Review By Wilfredo Rodriguez

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